Historian Professor Lucy Noakes talks to Daisy about how women were affected by the Great War, what life was like for women, and why their stories are still important today. Read the transcript.


Historian and therapist Denise Poynter talks to Daisy and Amelie about her search for elusive records about women who suffered from trauma and shell shock in World War One. Denise’s work shines a light on women’s experiences of war trauma, long ignored by historians until fairly recently. Denise argues that women working near the front as nurses and VADs showed the same symptoms as men when it came to shell shock and trauma. Her discovery in the archives of a doctor’s note reading: “the report on her transfer was shell shock”, became the title of her thesis into the subject. Read the transcript.


Trauma therapist Darren Abrahams talks to Arielle and Amelie about how trauma affects refugees today through his work with Musicians Without Borders and The Human Hive. He discusses trauma and how it manifests itself, and its treatment, and shares his family experiences as refugees during the First and Second World Wars. Read the transcript.